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Free filtered water available at the Natural Grocers store located in Billings, Montana through June 30, 2022

LAKEWOOD, Colo., June 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Natural Grocers® offers members of Montana communities impacted by this week's significant flooding free filtered water from its store in Billings, Montana. Free water will be available starting today through Thursday, June 30, 2022.

Free filtered water available at the Natural Grocers, Billings, Montana through June 30th.

The unprecedented recent flooding in the Yellowstone area has triggered power outages and damaged hundreds of homes in the nearby communities. The flooding has also impacted water treatment plants, leaving multiple cities in Montana without water or with boil water orders (the requirement to boil water before consumption: including eating, drinking, washing hands and faces, and brushing teeth).

Natural Grocers is offering free water from the Billings, Montana store's reverse osmosis water filtration machines for those in need. The ultraviolet sterilization process used in Natural Grocers' water dispensers disinfects the water with UV light, designed to provide safe, high-quality water that does not need to be boiled before consumption. Additionally, via multiple filtration steps, the reverse osmosis process is intended to filter out suspended particles, chlorine and a wide range of chemicals, salts, lead, impurities, and more.

Due to capacity limitations of the store's water filtration system, which can only pump 75 gallons of water every other hour, each person is limited to two free gallons of water. To fill up on free water from the organic and natural grocery retailer, customers should bring their filled receptacle to the register, along with any items they are purchasing. Customers are urged to bring their own containers to fill, though the store will have a limited assortment for purchase.

"We are here to support our community as we navigate this disaster together. Please spread the word to friends and neighbors. We are thankful for your business and hope this can help you and your family during these hard times," said Mat Topham, Regional Manager for Natural Grocers.

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SOURCE Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage, Inc.